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Fired For Whistleblowing? Here’s What You Should Do

Whistleblowing is a term that denotes calling out wrongful acts when you see them. A person who is labeled as a whistleblower is someone who reports a violation all the law by his or her employer. This violation often addresses sexual harassment claims, but also many...

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Teenager Shot by Carolina Police in Car

The family of Zachary Hammond, the 19-year-old who was shot and killed by police in South Carolina earlier this year, has filed a lawsuit against the officers responsible. “‘I’ll blow your [expletive] head off,’ were the last words heard by Zachary Hammond,” states...

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Cops Request Help after Prisoners Injure Policeman

Police officers providing security at Jamaica’s criminal courts are demanding reinforcements following a recent incident where an officer was attacked and injured while processing prisoners. Almost Killed over a Ganja Spliff Last Wednesday (14th), a police officer at...

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Police Brutality Cases: How To Overcome Them?

The term police brutality usually refers to the excessive use of force and violence against people who are in custody or otherwise being held by law enforcement officers. Police brutality can include physical abuse, verbal abuse, and psychological abuse that results...

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